Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unboxing, reboxing, and then unboxing again, Bob Ebendorf (in color!)

As my twin just so happens to take photos of art jewelry (www.artjewelryphotography.com) I twisted his arm.  He had already given me the photos but I thought one turn deserved another...

I was hoping the photos would help me decide but they just keep me in my normal confused state.
Any suggestion as to the keeper?

And no, keeping all is not an option.  At least that's what some small part of my brain keeps telling me.  Of course there is that ebay brain as well but it's not as strong as the rest.

Stupid brain meats!

**Click photos for better quality images**


marcus said...

Unusual as usual...
Wonderful work (and pictures too) !

Lisette said...

Hi Stevie,
I am very attracted to the first charm. I ready your blog and I told Bob your fun photos of the package - he got a real kick out of it.
I'm one of his students.

Stevie B. said...

I choose the last one.

Although, looking at the photos I like the first one more. The grass is always greener :)

Stevie B. said...

Thank you for letting me know Bob's reaction Lisette! That information brightened my day :)