Thursday, June 25, 2009

Harold O'Connor

MAD had an open studio today, June 25: Peters Valley presents Harold O'Connor.

To be honest I haven't gone to many of MAD's offerings to it's members or the public. Most just didn't grab me, and to get me to go to anything you have to really grab me. I mean physically. With hands and arms and all the rest that go along with kidnapping someone for their own good.

This time it was quite different. I actually wanted to go.

I admire Harold O'Connor's work very much. It just speaks to me. He is a master of design who's technical prowess helps him to create sculptural objects that just so happen to also be jewelry. I like that view of jewelry and follow it myself.

Suffice it to say, I had a great time. Even though NYC does not allow open flames in public buildings so no reticulation demonstrations. Even though Harold O'Connor's furnace kept tripping the electrical outlets so it couldn't be used to show how to make silver and gold granules for granulation. Even though there was no sound on the DVD Harold O'Connor played as a last resort (this was MAD's fault because no one thought to attach speakers to the set-up).

Despite all this I had a great time.


Because of all the different words connect to Harold O'Connor he is first and foremost a master teacher. He answered questions with full answers. He didn't say, "Well, take my class at Peters Valley and you'll find out." Or, "Buy my DVD to know that." He didn't keep anything back and that's the mark of a great teacher.

So, with the DVD going and Harold O'Connor narrating while answering questions I learned a lot about design, granulation, and a bit more about reticulation. But mostly I learned about what it takes to be a true teacher. We could sure use more of those.

Harold O'Connor's web site: