Monday, August 25, 2008

AKA-Object and Image

Marjorie Simon

"The original members of AKA:92, an association of jewelry artists were students of the noted metalsmith and teacher Bob Ebendorf. The four women artists, Susan Kasson Sloan, Marjorie Simon, Biba Schutz and Ginny Whitney, rightly suspected they might have more visibility as a group than as individuals, and in 1989, AKA:92 was born."

The show is at the the Lynn Tendler Bignell exhibition gallery at the Brookfield Craft Center and runs from August 17 – September 28.

I got to catch the opening and the work is fantastic! I also had the chance to talk with Susan and Ginny and both women were happy to share their vast knowledge and expertise. A very inspirational show! For not only was the art work inspiring but now I am in search for a few local artists to form a group-- May we last as long.