Saturday, February 13, 2010

Zoonoses - Diseases Humans Get From Animals

Year Of The Swine (Flu)
Sterling silver, plastic

Yeah, I know. Weird right? Who would want to do jewelry about that?

Well that's my newest series and I'm sticking with it!

This piece was finished in December of last year and I haven't been able to get in the studio since then :( All my sketches and ideas are done...Some rings, cameos, necklaces all ready to be made but I haven't made the time. I think I've stalled. I just need a nudge, a gentle push, a kick in the arse to get me going once again.

I hope by posting it to the masses (that's you!) I may be inspired to get back to making.

Year Of The Swine (Flu)
Sterling silver, plastic

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Going to SNAG!!!

2010 SNAG Conference, "going to eXtremes," Houston, TX, March 10-13, 2010

Only part of me is actually going to SNAG this year. No, not that part! I'm not done with that part just yet. Though I am getting older and thinking more about quite walks, holding hands, and companionship...

My right thumb will be going! My Thumb Thumb Ring (for Douglas Adams) was selected for eXtremities: Exploring the Margins of the Human Body, at the Jung Center of Houston. A juried exhibition of works for and about the arms, hands, legs and feet – as inspiration, as subject, as site. March 1–15. Juror: Seattle artist, Andy Cooperman.

As for the SNAG conference, perhaps next year I'll get to send another body part...

Maybe even that one!