Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Do You Hope To Find When You Search For That Elusive I?

Venus I Trap

When I first finished the brooch Fresh Clean Scent I didn't imagine I would make it into a series. But I kept getting compliments on it, and since I like the challenge, I've decide to see what I can do with the same laundry cap.

Venus I Trap
is the 2nd of the Fresh Clean Scent Series (tentative series name only), and will probably be the last flower-like piece I do. The cap takes too easily to flower shapes, and who want's easy?
I'm kinda happy about this series as I've been meaning to do a full series or two. People seem to like art jewelry in a series, and galleries definitely do. And since my focus is now getting into a gallery (I have a few in mind) I welcome the change.

To be honest, it's been difficult changing my mindset. I usually just like doing what I feel like and exploring different medium and techniques. I usually have way more ideas that I have time or hands for, my overwhelming number of filled sketchbooks ((DIB) Dead Ideas Books) attest to that. But doing a series is helping me to focus (of course I am currently working on 3 different series at once, but I need to do that for sanity sakes). Now when an idea pops in my head, usually while I am working on something entirely different, I write it down and do a quick sketch on a scrap of paper, and continue to work on what I was doing before I was rudely interrupted by myself. Later, I staple them or re-sketch them in a new DIB, with the hope of resurrecting them all one fine day.

A day when I have 13 arms and all the time in the world.

Venus I Trap on Canvas*

*On the back of the canvas:
"What Do You Hope To Find When You Search For That Elusive I?"

Now That I Have It, What Do I Do?

My Steel Martini Glass

Ever since I learned about the Martini 7 event over at Zaruba & Zaruba (I know it says 8 but I'm sure it's 7) I've had a few great ideas.

When I found out I was accepted I had a few more great ideas.

As I waited for my glass to arrive I had even more great ideas.

Now that I have the steel martini glass in my hands I have no ideas at all, and all those past "great ideas" I now hate.

Oh well, I have almost 2 months to come up with something... Any suggestions? :)