Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unboxing, reboxing, and then unboxing again, Bob Ebendorf (in color!)

As my twin just so happens to take photos of art jewelry (www.artjewelryphotography.com) I twisted his arm.  He had already given me the photos but I thought one turn deserved another...

I was hoping the photos would help me decide but they just keep me in my normal confused state.
Any suggestion as to the keeper?

And no, keeping all is not an option.  At least that's what some small part of my brain keeps telling me.  Of course there is that ebay brain as well but it's not as strong as the rest.

Stupid brain meats!

**Click photos for better quality images**

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Unboxing Ebendorf

I received a package from Bob Ebendorf...

Now I have to decide which brooch I would like to keep.   Oh, the sweet agony...

More photos and a decision (perhaps) to come...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Metal Museum - Metalsmith Exhibition in Print 2011

My work will be shown at The Metal Museum! 
Featured will be one of the pieces from the EIP (Year of The Swine (flu)) & one ring from the series (Mad Cow).  See them live!  

Exhibition in Print:

From the pages of Metalsmith magazine, comes a juried exhibition of work produced since 2009. Metalsmith magazine is a publication of the Society of North American Goldsmiths. There will be an opening reception for the exhibition in conjunction with our Holiday Open House on Sunday, December 11, 12-5pm. The event will feature hands-on activities, holiday music by pianist Hayley Roth, refreshments and holiday items on sale in the Museum Store.

More about the Exhibition:
Work from the following 30 artists was chosen by jurors Lola Brooks and Cindi Strauss for Fresh: Exhibition in Print 2011. The Metal Museum will feature works by the majority of the artists listed.

Stevie B., Suzanne Beautyman, Nikky Bergman, Jim Bové, Namu Cho, Jennifer Crupi, Adriane Dalton, Sidney Caldwell Deaghlan, Anja Eichler, Aliyah Gold, Kevin Hughes, Minwon Kim, Andrew Kuebeck, Robert Longyear, Timothy McMahon, Andrea Miller, Edgar Mosa, Seth Papac, Mary Hallam Pearse, Ryan Peters, Sara Pfau, Devin Ragotzy, Katie Rearick, Sondra Sherman, Natalie Smith, Amy Tavern, Stephanie Tomczak, Jennifer Trask, Andrea Wagner, Amy Weiks & Gabriel Craig

Monday, August 22, 2011

Metalsmith - Exhibition In Print 2011

I have yet to receive my copy but I am thrilled to be featured in the current Metalsmith Exhibition In Print!

Mad Cow - Silver, patina, found object by Stevie B. 
Photography by Steven Brian Samuels  

3 people so far  have asked , so here is the full artist statement I sent:

My current series, Zoonoses, takes a disturbing social issue, diseases passed from animals to humans, and adds a bit of humor to the discussion. The work is reminiscent of trophies, head and rear mounted, that can be displayed like the once prized, exotic, stuffed, and quite dusty animals of a dead era.

As diseases passed by these vicious and vile animals continue to mutate and threaten humankind is hunting them for sport, and a bit of pleasure, so far fetched?

When great herds of wild, mad cows rise up en masse to slaughter those who once slaughtered--

When geese, ducks, and other avian demons start dropping their payloads by the score on the innocent heads of our young--

When swine gather secretly in their pens under cover of night, coughing and sweating from fever, (followed by chills and mild aches) planning humankind's destruction--

Will humankind be ready for the Animal Armageddon to come?

In the end, it's either our bacon or theirs.

I for one choose their bacon!

BTW- The only reason I answered the call-for-entry for EIP was because Tabitha Twistyarm twisted my arm!

Thank you Tabitha for your relentless arm twisting and far too often arse kicking!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FOCUS: SOFA. Not just something to decorate with ridiculously overstuffed pillows.

FOCUS: SOFA.  Not just something to decorate with ridiculously overstuffed pillows.

SOFA New York 2011
April 14-17

Posted a bit late on Crafthaus.  You can read it here! 

I'll hopefully get back in the studio soon since I need to make a few things for the upcoming Metalsmith Exhibit In Print which photos of my jewelry will appear in... The real "announcement" will come a bit later after I redo my jewelry/art website.  So just forget that bit for now.

Some things I have learned about walking around with a ginormous camera rig & a badge with the word "PRESS" on it.

1. Everyone looks at you with pleading eyes, especially the artists.

2. I feel bad that I can't photograph & write about everyone/piece I want to.

3. I even feel bad about not photographing & writing about everyone/piece that I don't have any interest in.

4. If you are an artist. or more likely a gallery owner, and you insist on dragging me into your booth and making a scene about it I will take photos and record our conversation (I also utilize a very nice 5.1 surround mic/system for interviews).  Once I step out of your booth the photos and interview are deleted.  I don't like pushy car salesmen types.

In the meanwhile, in real life, Ive had to move offices which was hell.  Hell continues as everything is still not working correctly and the A/C keeps breaking down.  And some other things that I will go into at a later date when the issues are resolved.  Hopefully resolved.  One day.  Or year.  Perhaps in some parallel, and assuredly better reality, they have already been solved but I am not sure how to read that blog for within this reality.  Sorry.

Here's a treat for reading.  The backside of a cow.  Cow ring that is.  The front cost extra.