Thursday, February 3, 2011

How long?

Tabitha L. Mitchell

I know, I know. Been a long time hasn't it?

I also know that you guys don't want to hear the excuses...Been busy doesn't really work with a blog because then everyone feels like they have missed out on something.

Well, you haven't.

I have been shooting photos of jewelry for artists and galleries and when not doing that I have been shooting some for my girlfriend who has finally opened an Etsy shop which she has wanted to do for sometime now as she hasn't done any craft/art shows these last 2 years. And I did say I would help...And I do keep my promises even if they show up a year or so later ;)

So if you guys can check out her shop, say "hello", favorite her or something, I would really appreciate it!

click here!
Etsy Seller compulsivejewelry

For right now she is just listing her beaded items. Hopefully she will get back in the studio and do some other work as well.

Speaking about the studio...IT'S A FREAKIN MESS STILL!

I really need to clean it and get working! Iv'e been having a hard time juggling the Art Jewelry I love to make and taking photos of Art Jewelry.

I'll get it right sooner or later...Watch me :)

I also might start posting some tips and how-to's for people who want to shoot their own jewelry but I may do so in another blog. I'll see...

I won't finish this by saying I'll post soon because that never works. I'll just post.