Monday, November 9, 2009

Thumb Thumb Ring (for Douglas Adams)

Thumb Thumb Ring (for Douglas Adams)
Ring, 2009
Sterling silver, resin, prismacolor

I have been working on a few pieces for an upcoming show and though I would share one.

If you don't know who Douglas Adams is CLICKY!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Latest publication...

1000 Ideas For Creative Reuse

I'm in this book :)

Two Shows!

Two Shows!

I'll be at this one!
Click here for more information about this show.

Participating Artists:

Hoyeon Chung (Carbondale IL)
Artemis Herber (Baltimore, MD)
Ellen Jantzen (St. Louis, MO)
Eun Yeong Jeong (Champaign, IL)
Ji-Leun Lee (Woodside, NY)
Amy Lipshie (Pittsburgh, PA)
Ryan S. Murphy (Brooklyn, NY)
Midori Saito (Seattle, WA)
Emi Savacool (Bloomsbury, NJ)
Hyeseung Shin (Chicago, IL)
Michelle Sotolongo (San Marcos, TX)
Francesca Vitali (Rochester, NY)
Brian Weissman (Brooklyn, NY),

Eliana Arenas (Charlotte, NC)
Stevie B. (New Jersey)
Melissa Borell (Houston, TX)
Brenda Bregman (Bethesda, MD)
Burcu Buyukunal (Mugal, Turkey)
Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez (Henrietta, NY)
Bifei Cao (Indiana, PA)
Cynthia del Giudice (Navarro, Argentina)
Sung-Yeoul Lee (Smithville, TN)
Emiko Oye (San Francisco, CA)
Michelle Pajak-Reynolds (Stow, OH)
Mary Hallam Pearse (Athens, GA)
Jon Radermacher (Pittsburgh, PA)
Carol Ann Rafferty (Clarence, NY)
2Roses (Anaheim, CA)
Rickson Salkeld (Toronto, Canada)
Anthony Tammaro (Philadelphia, PA)
Carolyn Tillie (San Francisco, CA)

I'll try very hard to be at this one as well :)
Click here for more information about this show.