Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FOCUS: SOFA. Not just something to decorate with ridiculously overstuffed pillows.

FOCUS: SOFA.  Not just something to decorate with ridiculously overstuffed pillows.

SOFA New York 2011
April 14-17

Posted a bit late on Crafthaus.  You can read it here! 

I'll hopefully get back in the studio soon since I need to make a few things for the upcoming Metalsmith Exhibit In Print which photos of my jewelry will appear in... The real "announcement" will come a bit later after I redo my jewelry/art website.  So just forget that bit for now.

Some things I have learned about walking around with a ginormous camera rig & a badge with the word "PRESS" on it.

1. Everyone looks at you with pleading eyes, especially the artists.

2. I feel bad that I can't photograph & write about everyone/piece I want to.

3. I even feel bad about not photographing & writing about everyone/piece that I don't have any interest in.

4. If you are an artist. or more likely a gallery owner, and you insist on dragging me into your booth and making a scene about it I will take photos and record our conversation (I also utilize a very nice 5.1 surround mic/system for interviews).  Once I step out of your booth the photos and interview are deleted.  I don't like pushy car salesmen types.

In the meanwhile, in real life, Ive had to move offices which was hell.  Hell continues as everything is still not working correctly and the A/C keeps breaking down.  And some other things that I will go into at a later date when the issues are resolved.  Hopefully resolved.  One day.  Or year.  Perhaps in some parallel, and assuredly better reality, they have already been solved but I am not sure how to read that blog for within this reality.  Sorry.

Here's a treat for reading.  The backside of a cow.  Cow ring that is.  The front cost extra.

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