Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thea Clark & The New Jersey Metal Arts Guild

As usual I was reluctant to leave the house. I am a bit of a homebody, enjoying spending my time in the warm womb of my home and hopefully, sometimes, the studio (which is just as warm, though a bit less womby).

Unfortunately Tabitha insisted. Tabitha from Compulsive Jewelry, aka The Girlfriend, aka The Pants, aka Some Other Words That I Better Not Say.

So we headed out recently to the open studio of Thea Clark, with Tabitha smiling and thinking what a good time we will have and me grunting the opposite. My pessimism had nothing to do with Thea, quite the opposite as I am well aware of her work and enjoy it very much. No the pessimism is some learned behavior I must have picked up while I was busy living. Or I got it from a toilet seat. Either way, it's a vice that I haven't completely let go of yet. It's also one of those things that Tabitha says is, "Un-Stevie B.-Like", and that I need to "work on it".

So there we were in front of Thea's house, with me "working on it" and grinding my teeth.

"Fifteen minutes," I said between grinds.

"Huh?", Tabitha smiled. A blue bird landed on her arm and tweeted a love song while a brown bunny and a gopher danced in a circle around her legs. Well, that's how it seemed anyway.

"Fifteen minutes," I repeated. "Then we are out of here."

Tabitha didn't respond as she floated toward the door, rose petals leading her.

We left three hours later and only because Thea's daughter kept on insisting that she needed to be fed and that she, along with the rest of the family, was starving. Like kids need to eat everyday or something...Sheesh!

Obviously I ended up having a great time. Thea was warm and welcoming, and the three of us talked for what seemed like hours, which it was.

While at Thea's Tabitha and I also joined the New Jersey Metal Arts Guild.

So in the end what did I learn? That perhaps I shouldn't be so pessimistic about going out? That sometimes, despite myself, I end up having fun? That Tabitha is sometimes right?

BAH! I refuse to learn a thing!

Except that maybe sometimes it's really fun to be wrong.



Thea Clark said...

Hey, Stevie B. glad you got out of your car! It was great meeting you guys.I wish I was in my warm, womby home/studio, instead I'm teaching at a summer camp. Boy, I do some strange things, kids will do that to you.

Stevie B. said...

Hi Thea! Was great meeting you as well.

Enjoy camp!