Monday, June 15, 2009

20th Annual New Jersey Small Works Show - REJECTION!

June 19 - July 17, 2009
Reception: Sat, June 20, 2-4 PM

For further information and directions please visit

I will be going, but I didn't get in.

Why post it then?

Good question.

The answer?


We all get rejected from time to time, it's a fact of life.

Leaning in for that first kiss and ending up on the cold, hard, floor.

Lifting your hand up when you know the answer in math class and not getting picked to write it on the blackboard (Which, in retrospect, turned out to be a good thing as you total suck at math and got the answer completely wrong).

Not getting picked to coach the girls topless volleyball team at your local College. There not being a girls topless volleyball team at your local College in the first place no matter how loudly you insist there is. You getting physically rejected from the grounds and placed not so nicely in a police cell to "sober up".

In the art world however, rejection is the norm. Yep. It's quite normal to get a ton of rejection letters. Instead of getting all depressed about it, I try to see it as a sign that I am doing something right.

Something right? You got rejected! Denied! Dismissed! Rebuffed! Excluded! Nothing! Nada! Do Not Pass Go! Collect Nothing! Thumbs Down! Kicked In The Teeth! Passed Over And Pissed On!

True, except maybe the pissed on bit. But the rejection letters remind me to get working on my call for entries.

Am I a glutton for punishment?

Maybe, and just in case my release word is "goats".

The truth is that an artist can expect a extremely high number of rejections compared to the low number of acceptances. It's true! I have a graph somewhere that proves it!...everyone believes in graphs...where did I put that stupid thing...maybe a PowerPoint presentation...

The cold hard fact is that you will get rejection letters, many, many, many, and a few more. It's just the way it is. You can take it personally if you want to. It doesn't matter. Just keep trying.

The more you try the more rejection letters you will get. What you do with them is up to you.

Plaster a wall.

Keep them in a memory box so you can look through them when your famous, or infamous, as the case my be.

Personally I use them for guest toilet paper. I'm not using the fancy TP on the kind of people I have over my house. Really, they could all use leaves for all I care and since I don't let them use my toilet and they are forced outside anyway they may as well. I don't think most of them use anything.

Regardless what you do with your rejections letters, and guest TP is always an option, one day you will find buried within those rejection letters an acceptance!

Be overly happy! Dance! Sing! Call everyone you know and tell them! Call all the other people that you don't know and tell them as well! Make a blog about it!

To sum it up:
The greater the number of call for entries and artist enters = the greater the number of free toilet paper the artist will receive + once in awhile one of those letters will be an acceptance letter , which is a good thing unless your trying for the free toilet paper.

BTW- Tabitha WAS accepted in the show. She will be using the guest toilet paper from now on.


Janice said...

YAY Tabitha!!

Oh, sorry. I meant -

Stevie, bummer dude. But great attitude - I need to lighten up about rejection. I have a tendency to let it paralyze me.

And hey - did you mean glutton or gluten....I am envisioning you being beaten with a wheat stalk or something.....

Ginga Squid said...

Ha ha - so true!
I often think it would be awful to be a model. At least with art, it is the art you produce getting rejected but as a model, its you as yourself getting rejected.
OK so I'm currently engrossed in NZ's Next Top Model (TV show).
I think your jewellery is fab by the way.
V x

Stevie B. said...

"hey - did you mean glutton or gluten....I am envisioning you being beaten with a wheat stalk or something....."-Janice

LOL! Well I am gluten-free so... I changed it. Thanks :)

Thanks Ginga. I think models are use to the cattle calls. Walking past a guy who just says "no" most of the time puts callouses on you fast.